Schedule a Session with Richard Martini

Richard offers one hour skype sessions to explore the flipside. 

If you'd like to book a session with Richard, send him an email at MartiniConsultants (at)  Generally the session could be longer, but the flat rate is for one hour.

At the moment, his sessions cost $100 per hour.  He accepts paypal, venmo or check if in person. For an example of the kind of "between life exploration" that he does, here are some sample sessions:

 Thanks Terry F from Santa Monica!

"With his many successful books, I always thought Rich Martini was a great storyteller. 

But during an impromptu session sitting at a simple coffeeshop table, I discovered Rich is extremely talented at asking questions. 

His warm and casual demeanor makes him an instant friend, and his skillfully sequenced questions flow naturally. So much so that after a few warm up questions where I thought only my imagination was at play, Rich lead me to a sort of focused gaze where images were coming at me clearly and rapidly. 

Dates were appearing in my mind when Rich asked for them, places, names, clothes, key events. 

I ended up describing people and outfits I was not aware of, but that I could verify with an easy Google search after the session. 

All of a sudden, I was part of chapter of American history that I had never heard of but that was documented. 

Rich’s best talent is actually not storyteller or questions asker. He is the best listener. 

After this session, Rich wrote a recap that contained many more details than I could remember, and I was able to illustrate the story with the images I found on Google that I had “seen” during our session. 

If you are open minded, curious, or simply looking for answers, a session with Rich is like a comfortable walk in the park where you are in touch with the world while daydreaming about your past lives. Highly recommend!"

If you'd like to book a session with "The Afterlife Expert" contact him at MartiniConsultants (at) Gmail. 


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