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Near Death Experience from IANDS

Sharing this amazing account of a near death experience from IANDS.ORG See the experience below; my comments: "Love is the engine of the universe."  Don't take my word for it, although I have been shouting it for some time, here is another eyewitness report from the flipside. Because he didn't meet or see avatars doesn't mean they don't exist; each experience is unique yet not unique. Thousands have reported the same kind of NDE, many have experienced this via deep hypnosis.  Point is NOW YOU KNOW. How does knowing change your stress level? Change your fury, anger, resentment, fear? What is love anyway? Indefinable, ineffable, an experience we only know when we experience it.  No pulpit, no song, no bumper sticker or book can define it. But if you can give it you can experience it. "Open your heart to everyone and all things." What have we got to lose?  "'Love was what everything was made of, came from, returned to." Pho

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