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Greetings from the Flipside. A number of people have asked me about scheduling sessions with me to discuss the Afterlife.  It was George Noory of "Coast to Coast AM" who dubbed me "The Afterlife Expert."   If you'd like to spend an hour hearing how people on the flipside say is the best way to communicate with them, send me an email to RichardMartini (at) gmail (dot) com to schedule a session.

Here's a clip with me and George on his Gaia TV show. 

I'm not a doctor, not a psychologist, not a hypnotist (although I have completed a course in hypnotherapy) but I have done extensive research into the topic, and can share with you how people on the flipside say that you can communicate with them. I've focused ten years of research on interviewing people no longer on the planet, and I can tell you how they say they want to be talked to, and how to listen for messages."

I'm available to do these sessions for a fee, which based on what my friends are telling me, would be $100 an hour for a session (with a minimum of one hour scheduled.)  

That being said, I've found that after a decade of filming people under deep hypnosis, interviewing people about their work and technique, I've come upon a rudimentary method of helping people access the Flipside.  As someone asked recently "do you speak to the dead?"  I answered, "No, I can tell you how to speak to the dead, based on advice of people "over there."  I can tell you whose expertise to seek out over here if you want to speak to a loved one who has departed. I can help you access parts of your subconscious that don't seem available, but appear to be so under deep hypnosis. Only there's no hypnosis involved."

I do it by doing what I have done in my career as a journalist/filmmaker - ask questions the way a reporter would - spiritual questions.  I can't promise that anyone will be able to see  loved ones, but I can help people find out "how" to access their loved ones.  I have spoken to many people in this field - both on the planet and off - and I have been successful at helping people access the Flipside in this manner.

Note: It helps if you've had some kind of spiritual experience in some fashion. That could be almost anything - a recurring dream you don't understand, or perhaps you've had some consciousness altering event - people who've had a near death experience, or an out of body experience, or even a recurring dream appear to be able to access this information easily.  But I've also found that people who have had no prior spiritual experience that they're aware of, can also access this information if they allow themselves to do so.

Prior to making an appointment, please try to familiarize yourself with my books "Flipside: A Tourist's Guide on How to Navigate the Afterlife" "It's a Wonderful Afterlife; Further Adventures in the Flipside volumes one and two" and "Hacking the Afterlife."  There are also numerous videos of me talking about this research that can be found at MartiniProds on youtube.  You don't have to have read this material, or heard me speak, but I think it's helpful.

If I hear from you that you'd like to schedule an appointment, we'll speak either by telephone or by skype (or some other method), or in person if you happen to be in Santa Monica. 

My background: I've been filming people under deep hypnosis for a decade, have filmed over 35 sessions and done 5 of my own. I have examined in detail numerous cases both of Michael Newton and Dr. Helen Wambach, both psychologists who spent time asking people questions that most people don't believe are answerable.  I've demonstrated live on the radio, a number of times, that it's possible to access a previous lifetime or the arena between lives, just by opening ourselves up to it.

I know this research isn't for everyone. And if it's something that you're not comfortable exploring, or knowing, please don't make an appointment.  I will keep all information about you anonymous, and will never reveal the identity of a client.  If you're looking for a hypnotherapist I can help you find one near you, or if you're looking for a medium I can also help you find one.


But if you're looking for something easier to manage, or just something different - because in the method I'm working with, I ask "leading questions" and "suggest a number of things" during the session.  The reason I do that is because I assume your guides sent you.

I know what that means, and I understand fully why they might have sent you to me.  And because I understand that, I am often able to access them directly to help you access them in a more direct manner. Sometimes we'll find loved ones along the way, sometimes we'll speak directly to guides, council members, sometimes we can access previous lifetimes in great detail.

I highly recommend using a tape recorder, or some recording device that allows you to revisit this material at a later date.  I've found that while it's happening,it's very hard to retain any memory of what was said or seen - and with the help of a recording you can reaccess the information.

Again, I will not air or publish any of these sessions without your written and/or videotaped permission. I keep all of my reports anonymous. I'm happy to write about the profound lessons offered or given, and perhaps at a future date, I'll include highlights from a session - but would never reveal that person's identity (unless they asked me to). I really do believe that if we do a session together, it's because someone on the Flipside wants us to meet.

So if you'd like to schedule an appointment with me, please do so with the panel to the side of this post. Thanks. My email is my full name RichardMartiniand the email is at gmail.


Rich Martini


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